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The Dead Bonsai Society

4th March, 2006. 12:19 pm. Japanese Music(dragonnite55555)

As you may recall, there was a music part of Japan Challege. Well, someone suggested that we could all go to one of the concerts or something. So I'm going to type up a bunch of the info we got.

ConcertsCollapse )

I will possibly be coming back and adding the list of stores and websites that you could find music at as well as the bands listed with US releases.


4th March, 2006. 11:42 am. Foreign Language Association of Georgia(dragonnite55555)

おはよう ございます みなさん。 FLAGに いきました。そして、 かちました。Although I'm not really sure if you can call it winning 'cause it wasn't so much a competition. But I got superior. Even though I thought I did really badly.

Anyways, I went to the room and looked at the list of other people for Japanese 1 for that room. Everybody else was in middle school and all from the same school. Which confused me 'cause I'm pretty sure you're only supposed to have 2 people per school per level of that language. The せんせい person was ちこく. But when it was my turn, I went into the room, and we both said おはよう ございます。 She asked me おなまえは なん ですか。 I responded. Then she asked me some question, and I had no idea what she was asking. どこに something something. One of the people outside of the room asked anothing kid from his school how to respond to some question which was apparently "Where were you born?" or "Where are you?" I'm not really sure what. But that's what I assumed she was asking, so I tried to copy her verb and just said アトランタに [whatever]. She also asked me when my birthday was, and she went through a list of sibs until she got to younger brother, which I have, so she could ask me about. She wanted to know how old he was. Then she asked my age, my birthday, and what I was doing over the weekend. I said "Bostonにいきます。” but apparently that's not a correct response...? Maybe if I had said "りょこうを します。” she would've accepted it. So she asked me again, and this time I said that I was going to read a book. I think she also asked me "なんようび ですか。” but I responded with the date, so she asked again. Or she asked me both. I'm not really sure. Then she asked what tomorrow will be. She also asked me what school I went to and, I believe, when it started. And I used the whole ____から ____まで. I'm not really sure if she wanted the まで part, but oh well.

Then the "describe a picture" thing that I had been spazzing about was pretty easy. Except that I didn't know the word for chair. She just pointed to stuff and asked what they were. There were pens, pencils, books, a radio, a desk, and a notebook. She also asked what the guy in the picture was doing, and I said that he was drinking a soda. I also probably could've said he was listening to music since he had headphones. That was about it.

Then it was just chillaxing until I got my certificate. れいちゃんと みほさんと イシタと れいちゃんの ともだちと みほさんの ともだちを みました。I also saw some people from my old school and a girl that looked like my roommate from 7th grade TIP. でも、 はなこさんを みませんでした。So that was about it. Overall, it wasn't that bad. I mean, there wasn't even anything in past tense. And I didn't have to do anything with い adjectives. Like the whole -くない です。It'd be nice if next year someone would come with me though. Have a good はるやすみ、 みなさん!

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20th February, 2006. 10:44 pm.(emmma11)

hey yall!!!

here R pics from Japan Challenge where we kicked assss!!! hahaha... the last one is of mine, hanoko-san, and moriko-sans prize. henry got a watch with japan and tghe japanese flag on it. yep yep.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket


18th February, 2006. 7:19 pm. Japan Challenge(dragonnite55555)

Ok, so me, Hanako-san, Miho-san, and Henry went to Japan Challenge today. So here’s what happened. We all checked in, and then there was an orientation where they basically told us good luck. There was a minor spaz session when something about a 5 minute memorized speech was mentioned. Luckily, we weren’t supposed to do that; there was a college speaking competition, and they were doing that.

So after the presentation we went to a room for the preliminary. Turns out the school we were going to compete against wasn’t there, so we automatically moved on to the finals. But here’s how it worked. There were 2 rounds (This same format was used for the finals as well). The first round was 10 questions, and we had 30 seconds to write down the answer, in either romanji or hiragana, on the notepad they provided. Then we showed the answered to the judges. Frankly, it was probably good that we weren’t competing that round ‘cause I kept forgetting to write the ten ten on the hiragana (But in the finals I wised up and used romanji for some of the answers). You could also confer with your teammates in this round.

Then in the second round there were 10 questions and you had to ring in using a bell to answer (The speed part is pretty much the only reason we didn’t get 1st place in the finals). The person who rung in had to answer, and she couldn’t confer with her teammates. Two of the questions, if answered correctly, lead to a bonus question that only that team could answer, and you could confer.

So then there was a lot of waiting and hanging about until the awards ceremony. Before the ceremony, there was a presentation of Japanese music with some rather…interesting music videos. Me, Miho-san, and Hanako-san got 2nd place for Japanese I (Out of 3 teams, but oh well), and Henry got 2nd place for Japanese II (He was all by himself, so good for him!). So we got 2 certificates; Miho-san, Hanako-san, and I got a ceramic mouse pad (if I remember, I’ll bring it in on Tuesday); Henry got an analog watch with a picture of Japan in the background.

Overall, I had a most excellent time. I felt we did a good job, and it was fun hanging with Sensei and everyone. We may not have gotten first place, but we totally won first place in team love. ^_^

I couldn’t remember all of the questions, but here are the ones I could remember if you're curious.
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31st January, 2006. 6:25 pm. Japanese help(dragonnite55555)

For the Test
Here's the thing we were doing today in class.

This might help you with telling some of the similar katakana apart.

Other Links

Katakana practiceCollapse )

Good luck on tomorrow's test!


24th January, 2006. 9:14 pm. konban wa!!(chikokuchan)

'ello dead bonsai society! this is chikoku-chan speaking. awww! miho-san, i like ur pics!! and kon ban wa to anyone else who reads this! woohoo! long live japanese class!
hugs, rugs and puggs


24th January, 2006. 7:16 pm.(dragonnite55555)

Yo guys! 'Tis Fuji. I just thought I'd remind you to check out the first entry since I need some responses to that whole, "Can you see the hiragana/katakana" thing. I'm pretty sure Rei-chan can, and I think Chikoku-chan might not be able to, but that's about it.

Also, for things that get updated, like the Inside Jokes/Quotes thing, I'll post a "Last Updated" thing on the entry, but do you guys want me to say when I've added something? I love how I say "you guys" but we still only have 2 other members. And I have no idea how often they check this or anything. But before people start join all at once (As I KNOW you will, riiiiggghhhttt?), since a lot of you are new to lj and possibly blogs or html in general, I was wondering if you wanted some basic info. Like, how to make things bold, underlined, italicized, or struck through.

I also just thought I'd comment on the sorts of things we should have on here. Obviously Japanese related stuff. I'm thinking maybe some culture stuff when you find some, news relating to Japan (Hey, could come in handy on extra credit), descriptions of trips to places like Japanfest and Japan Challenge, and maybe invitations to be like, "Hey, let's all go to this Japanese food place as a class" like Miho-san suggested. But if for some reason you want to post about your day, do it on your personal journal. Being the lj freak that I am, I will most likely not only friend you, but haunt your lj and make comments. But yeah, I'm always open to suggestions on what we can do to make this cooler.

Also, if anybody's wondering, I'm now going to post the 3 Japanese related things coming up (Challenge, FLAG, and trip). I dunno, should I try to make an "Upcoming Dates" post to keep at the top of the page? I could put Japanese holidays up there too or something.
DatesCollapse )

Oh yeah, I would also like to add that if we need a female chaperone, we should try to talk Sensei into letting us ask Mrs. Gentry. I know that at least 2 other people in our class know her, and I'm pretty sure they'd agree with me when I say that she's awesome! She's just great. Seriously guys. WE. SHOULD. ASK. HER. All in favor, say aye. All opposed, say nay.

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19th January, 2006. 8:05 pm.(emmma11)

hey yall!!

this is miho-san lol... or emma w/e names fine lol.. haha but just saying hey. .lol im such a dork. mmk well ill say i like japanese class its fun. but i need to study more bc im falling behind. haha mmk see yall in class monday

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18th January, 2006. 7:37 pm. Inside Jokes/Quotes(dragonnite55555)

Remember to comment if you think of more/think one or more shouldn't be on here.

Last Updated: January 24, 2006

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18th January, 2006. 7:03 pm.(dragonnite55555)

I've hopefully managed to change the settings for the "comment" and "read comment" links. So now, if it worked, you click on "Hikooki!" to write a comment and "___plane(s) seen so far" to read any comments. But since there haven't been any comments yet, I don't know if it works. If everybody can see the hiragana, I'll be trying to change "Hikooki" from romanji to hiragana.

I haven't yet uploaded the bonsai pic because I can't find my cable to hook my memory to a comp yet. I'll look for that in a bit.

Also, if for some reason any of you don't remember, there's a quiz tomorrow on 10.1-10.2 voc. I'm not really sure if you think it's stupid that I'm reminding you since you guys normally remember, but I'm not entirely sure what to put on here. So I'm totally into feedback and ideas. But still, right now, I'm the only member. Really hoping something is going to come of this guys!

Also, either sometime later today or maybe tomorrow, I'll be posting a list of various inside jokes/quotes that I remember. I'll make it a memory (Which means that it's a lot easier to find since you can click on the "Memories" tab at the top of the screen to get to a list of memories, which you can then read by clicking on them). When I post it, if any of you guys think of more, tell me and/or comment, and I'll add them. It'd be nice if you could include who said it. Also, if I post anything that you guys think is stupid/not worthy of being called an inside joke/quote because no one remembers it, tell me that too, and I'll delete it.

Also, I've already made Japanese type icons for both Rei-chan and Miho-san, so if you guys give me enough ideas (Like, interesting quotes by that person), I hope to make everybody their own special Japanese class icon. It'd be pretty basic since I only just recently learned how to make icons, but y'know, could be cool.

I was also thinking that we could use a leaf count down to talk about...well...countdowns to stuff or something. Like T minus ____leaves until the Japanese trip or something. And maybe something about branches? I dunno. Just trying to think of some way to relate ourselves to the whole "Dead Bonsai" thing. Or at least the tree thing. I've seen people with updating count down things; I might be able to figure out how to get one. But I'm not sure if/how I could modify it.

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