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Japan Challenge

Ok, so me, Hanako-san, Miho-san, and Henry went to Japan Challenge today. So here’s what happened. We all checked in, and then there was an orientation where they basically told us good luck. There was a minor spaz session when something about a 5 minute memorized speech was mentioned. Luckily, we weren’t supposed to do that; there was a college speaking competition, and they were doing that.

So after the presentation we went to a room for the preliminary. Turns out the school we were going to compete against wasn’t there, so we automatically moved on to the finals. But here’s how it worked. There were 2 rounds (This same format was used for the finals as well). The first round was 10 questions, and we had 30 seconds to write down the answer, in either romanji or hiragana, on the notepad they provided. Then we showed the answered to the judges. Frankly, it was probably good that we weren’t competing that round ‘cause I kept forgetting to write the ten ten on the hiragana (But in the finals I wised up and used romanji for some of the answers). You could also confer with your teammates in this round.

Then in the second round there were 10 questions and you had to ring in using a bell to answer (The speed part is pretty much the only reason we didn’t get 1st place in the finals). The person who rung in had to answer, and she couldn’t confer with her teammates. Two of the questions, if answered correctly, lead to a bonus question that only that team could answer, and you could confer.

So then there was a lot of waiting and hanging about until the awards ceremony. Before the ceremony, there was a presentation of Japanese music with some rather…interesting music videos. Me, Miho-san, and Hanako-san got 2nd place for Japanese I (Out of 3 teams, but oh well), and Henry got 2nd place for Japanese II (He was all by himself, so good for him!). So we got 2 certificates; Miho-san, Hanako-san, and I got a ceramic mouse pad (if I remember, I’ll bring it in on Tuesday); Henry got an analog watch with a picture of Japan in the background.

Overall, I had a most excellent time. I felt we did a good job, and it was fun hanging with Sensei and everyone. We may not have gotten first place, but we totally won first place in team love. ^_^

I couldn’t remember all of the questions, but here are the ones I could remember if you're curious.

Round 1

Who is Japan’s Prime Minister?
[Something about a Japanese baseball player who has some record (Not Ichiro)]
What is the familiar [or something like that] form of おとうさん ?
What is another way of saying [20 years old]?
What is the response to どうもありがとうございます?
What do you say before eating a meal?
What do you say before going to bed?
In Japanese, what is the date of American Independence Day?
あしたは すいようび です。 きのうは なんようび ですか?
In Japanese, what are the colors of the American flag?
Round 2
What is the opposite of あたらしい?
In Japanese, what is the date of Christmas Eve?
きょうは はつか です。 あしたは なんにち ですか。
What is the tallest mountain in Japan?
What type of writing is used for foreign words?
Bonus: What are the 3 types of writing used in Japanese?
It’s 15‘til 10. What time is it, in Japanese?
You meet someone for the first time, how do you ask them what their name is?
Complete this sequence- かようび、 すいようび、 もくようび。

Round 1

What is the opposite of ひだり?[it was either left or right, I don't remember]
What’s the opposite of つまらない?
What is “lunchbox” in Japanese?
What is “green tea” in Japanese?
What are “chopsticks” in Japanese?
What is the Japanese name of the sport that ____, ____, and Ichiro play?
What is a “ちゃいろい ねこ” in English?
What animal says “wan wan”?
It’s evening, how do you greet your neighbor?
You’re saying goodbye to your friend, who you’re seeing them tomorrow, what do you say?
Round 2
What is the opposite of さむい?
What’s the name of the Japanese bullet train?
What is the name of the traditional straw floor?
When you meet someone for the first time, how do you ask what the time is?
Bonus: いまは ごぜん ごじはん です。 What time is it? [It was something like that. I don’t remember the exact time]
How do you say “uncle” in Japanese?
Bonus: How do you say grandmother in Japanese?
How do you say “high school student” in Japanese?
How do you say “fish” in Japanese?
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