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I've hopefully managed to change the settings for the "comment" and "read comment" links. So now, if it worked, you click on "Hikooki!" to write a comment and "___plane(s) seen so far" to read any comments. But since there haven't been any comments yet, I don't know if it works. If everybody can see the hiragana, I'll be trying to change "Hikooki" from romanji to hiragana.

I haven't yet uploaded the bonsai pic because I can't find my cable to hook my memory to a comp yet. I'll look for that in a bit.

Also, if for some reason any of you don't remember, there's a quiz tomorrow on 10.1-10.2 voc. I'm not really sure if you think it's stupid that I'm reminding you since you guys normally remember, but I'm not entirely sure what to put on here. So I'm totally into feedback and ideas. But still, right now, I'm the only member. Really hoping something is going to come of this guys!

Also, either sometime later today or maybe tomorrow, I'll be posting a list of various inside jokes/quotes that I remember. I'll make it a memory (Which means that it's a lot easier to find since you can click on the "Memories" tab at the top of the screen to get to a list of memories, which you can then read by clicking on them). When I post it, if any of you guys think of more, tell me and/or comment, and I'll add them. It'd be nice if you could include who said it. Also, if I post anything that you guys think is stupid/not worthy of being called an inside joke/quote because no one remembers it, tell me that too, and I'll delete it.

Also, I've already made Japanese type icons for both Rei-chan and Miho-san, so if you guys give me enough ideas (Like, interesting quotes by that person), I hope to make everybody their own special Japanese class icon. It'd be pretty basic since I only just recently learned how to make icons, but y'know, could be cool.

I was also thinking that we could use a leaf count down to talk about...well...countdowns to stuff or something. Like T minus ____leaves until the Japanese trip or something. And maybe something about branches? I dunno. Just trying to think of some way to relate ourselves to the whole "Dead Bonsai" thing. Or at least the tree thing. I've seen people with updating count down things; I might be able to figure out how to get one. But I'm not sure if/how I could modify it.
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