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Yo guys! 'Tis Fuji. I just thought I'd remind you to check out the first entry since I need some responses to that whole, "Can you see the hiragana/katakana" thing. I'm pretty sure Rei-chan can, and I think Chikoku-chan might not be able to, but that's about it.

Also, for things that get updated, like the Inside Jokes/Quotes thing, I'll post a "Last Updated" thing on the entry, but do you guys want me to say when I've added something? I love how I say "you guys" but we still only have 2 other members. And I have no idea how often they check this or anything. But before people start join all at once (As I KNOW you will, riiiiggghhhttt?), since a lot of you are new to lj and possibly blogs or html in general, I was wondering if you wanted some basic info. Like, how to make things bold, underlined, italicized, or struck through.

I also just thought I'd comment on the sorts of things we should have on here. Obviously Japanese related stuff. I'm thinking maybe some culture stuff when you find some, news relating to Japan (Hey, could come in handy on extra credit), descriptions of trips to places like Japanfest and Japan Challenge, and maybe invitations to be like, "Hey, let's all go to this Japanese food place as a class" like Miho-san suggested. But if for some reason you want to post about your day, do it on your personal journal. Being the lj freak that I am, I will most likely not only friend you, but haunt your lj and make comments. But yeah, I'm always open to suggestions on what we can do to make this cooler.

Also, if anybody's wondering, I'm now going to post the 3 Japanese related things coming up (Challenge, FLAG, and trip). I dunno, should I try to make an "Upcoming Dates" post to keep at the top of the page? I could put Japanese holidays up there too or something.

Japan Challenge
: February 18, 2006
Where: Emory
Who's Going: Fuji, Hanako, Henry "Henri" Veit, Miho
Quota (As in # going/max that can go): 3/3 Japanese 1; 1/3 Japanese 2
Results: Japanese 1- 2nd place; Japanese 2- 2nd place

Japanese FLAG
: March 4, 2006
Where: Marietta High School
Who's Going: Fuji
Quota: 1/2 Japanese 1; 0/2 Japanese 2
Result: Japanese 1- Superior (highest) ranking

Japan Trip
: June 12, 2006- June 22, 2006? (Not exactly sure)
Where: Japan
Who's Going: Aiko (Erin Taylor), Chikoku, Cho, Emi, Fuji, Henry Veit, Katsuo
I don't know about Miho-san.
Quota: 7/13

Oh yeah, I would also like to add that if we need a female chaperone, we should try to talk Sensei into letting us ask Mrs. Gentry. I know that at least 2 other people in our class know her, and I'm pretty sure they'd agree with me when I say that she's awesome! She's just great. Seriously guys. WE. SHOULD. ASK. HER. All in favor, say aye. All opposed, say nay.
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hello dead bonsai society! 'tis me, chikokuchan. haha, bet u didnt expect me to not be the last join join!!! well, i actually just figured out how to use this site, well not completely. im not sure how to talk to anyone or what im supposed to be doing or writing. well, to say the least, jap. class is so much fun!! but i dont think sensei likes me very much. oh and miho-san, dont worry, ur not the only one behind, im seriously lacking in jap. studying. well i guess i should go do tht instead. jaa nee !!!