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Foreign Language Association of Georgia

おはよう ございます みなさん。 FLAGに いきました。そして、 かちました。Although I'm not really sure if you can call it winning 'cause it wasn't so much a competition. But I got superior. Even though I thought I did really badly.

Anyways, I went to the room and looked at the list of other people for Japanese 1 for that room. Everybody else was in middle school and all from the same school. Which confused me 'cause I'm pretty sure you're only supposed to have 2 people per school per level of that language. The せんせい person was ちこく. But when it was my turn, I went into the room, and we both said おはよう ございます。 She asked me おなまえは なん ですか。 I responded. Then she asked me some question, and I had no idea what she was asking. どこに something something. One of the people outside of the room asked anothing kid from his school how to respond to some question which was apparently "Where were you born?" or "Where are you?" I'm not really sure what. But that's what I assumed she was asking, so I tried to copy her verb and just said アトランタに [whatever]. She also asked me when my birthday was, and she went through a list of sibs until she got to younger brother, which I have, so she could ask me about. She wanted to know how old he was. Then she asked my age, my birthday, and what I was doing over the weekend. I said "Bostonにいきます。” but apparently that's not a correct response...? Maybe if I had said "りょこうを します。” she would've accepted it. So she asked me again, and this time I said that I was going to read a book. I think she also asked me "なんようび ですか。” but I responded with the date, so she asked again. Or she asked me both. I'm not really sure. Then she asked what tomorrow will be. She also asked me what school I went to and, I believe, when it started. And I used the whole ____から ____まで. I'm not really sure if she wanted the まで part, but oh well.

Then the "describe a picture" thing that I had been spazzing about was pretty easy. Except that I didn't know the word for chair. She just pointed to stuff and asked what they were. There were pens, pencils, books, a radio, a desk, and a notebook. She also asked what the guy in the picture was doing, and I said that he was drinking a soda. I also probably could've said he was listening to music since he had headphones. That was about it.

Then it was just chillaxing until I got my certificate. れいちゃんと みほさんと イシタと れいちゃんの ともだちと みほさんの ともだちを みました。I also saw some people from my old school and a girl that looked like my roommate from 7th grade TIP. でも、 はなこさんを みませんでした。So that was about it. Overall, it wasn't that bad. I mean, there wasn't even anything in past tense. And I didn't have to do anything with い adjectives. Like the whole -くない です。It'd be nice if next year someone would come with me though. Have a good はるやすみ、 みなさん!
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heyy !!
dude i say that our nihongo class is full of genuises bc everyone who went tpo flag from our class got superior!!! emily, me, rei-san, hanako-san.. i say we whipped some flag ass. HAHAHHA... good times good times.. c ya @ school tuess, UGHHH lol .. but im off to mexico manana!!! yesssss